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Art By Louise Helseth

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Splatter Art Paintings

Get to Know Louise Helseth

Since she can remember, Louise Helseth has always enjoyed painting. As a young woman, she would paint different subjects using a variety of mediums. She became a master at painting landscapes, animals, and people, and developed a talent for using acrylic, oil, watercolor, and chalk.

Founding Her Business

For many years, Louise painted during her spare time. However, after her husband passed away, she decided to take up the hobby full time. She founded her business, Art By Louise Helseth, and since then has completed numerous paintings.

Fossil Fern Painting

End of Summer Painting

What Inspires Her

Louise gains inspiration from all around her. She snaps photos of things that interest her while out on a walk or on vacation and uses these photos as a reference to create her unique paintings. Other areas of life that inspire her include the weather, the lighting, and even her mood. When the weather is perfect, the lighting is right, and Louise is in a good mood, she is ready to paint. All of these aspects factor into her creating beautiful works of art.